I had fun making this cake, who wouldn’t when making a giant bag of candy!  The cake was a Skittles flavoured poke cake (vanilla cake with skittles sugar syrup I made from each colour of skittles poured over a bunch of little holes in the cake) and filled with a vanilla buttercream.

_MG_4991 (web) _MG_4993 (web) _MG_4994 (web) _MG_4996 (web) _MG_4997 (web)


My Little Guy Turns 3!

Why do kids have to grow up so fast?!?  I can’t believe my little guy turned 3 yesterday.  For his birthday cake he kept changing his mind on what he wanted me to make, so one day I decided I would make him a Spider-Man cake because he’s obsessed with Spider-Man, and just a few days before his birthday he told me he wanted a cake with Spider-Man on the top so I knew I made the right pick haha.

I decided to make his cake a bobble head cake, like one of his figurines.

For flavour, he picked out blue raspberry.  I was going to flavour the cake with blue raspberry Kool-aid, except I couldn’t find Kool-aid anywhere!!  Luckily I found some Jolly Rancher brand blue raspberry jello mx so I used that instead and the cake turned out delicious.  The head is all cake, and his body is made from Rice Krispies.  I used my brick impression mat for the cake board and then air brushed it with black edible air brush colour to give it a stone grey finish, and then I brushed on some more black in a few spots to give it all some depth.

Even though this cake gave me a heck of a time when I was finishing it up the night before his birthday, and I stayed up way too late to make sure I finished, I really love how it came together.  And I also had a chance to use a new toy, I picked up a mini steamer and was so surprised how nicely it cleans up any excess powdered sugar sitting on the fondant, I think it also just gave the cake a great finish.  I am so glad I went out to get it a couple weeks back.

_MG_4970 (web) _MG_4971 (web) _MG_4973 (web) _MG_4976 (web) _MG_4977 (web) _MG_4978 (web)

And my little guy with his cake 🙂  He was pretty excited!_MG_4969 (web)

My Girl Turns 6!

My daughter turns 6 tomorrow and this weekend we had a cake to celebrate.  One of our nightly things is to watch a couple of cake or cookie decorating videos together, and after watching one of those videos about a twirling Cinderella cake she asked to have a Cinderella Doll cake for her birthday.  I took my inspiration for this cake from that twirling Cinderella and also from one of the movie posters that had Cinderella running down the stairs.  So here is my Cinderella Doll cake for my girl!  These doll cakes are fun to do, this was the first one I’ve ever made and I had a blast making her this beautiful dress.

The cake was a chocolate cake with homemade raspberry jam filling as per my daughter’s request.  I carved the cake into the basic shape of how I wanted the dress to flow, then I covered her in fondant strips that I folded to look like fabric.  It’s not very visible in the photos, but I also dusted the pieces in a purple petal dust, and a shimmery teal colour as that’s what I noticed in the photo I used.  I then sprinkled some edible sparkles onto the dress to make it shimmer and sparkle.

I couldn’t find a doll that was from the new Cinderella movie so I used a doll I found that was based off the 1950’s Cinderella.

_MG_4685 (web) _MG_4686 (web) _MG_4687 (web) _MG_4688 (web) _MG_4690 (web) _MG_4691 (web) _MG_4694 (web) _MG_4696 (web) _MG_4699 (web) _MG_4700 (web wm)And one of the birthday girl with her cake, which she couldn’t decide if she wanted to cut into because she loved her dress so much.


Kindergarten Graduation

For my daughter’s last day of school I made a Kinder Grad cake for the class.

I love how everything turned out on the cake and had so much fun making it.  I think this is one of my favourite cakes I’ve made!

One cake was a chocolate cake with milk chocolate ganache and the other was a vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream.  All the details were made in fondant, and modelling chocolate.

Kinder Grad Cake (web) Kinder Grad Cake 1 (web) Kinder Grad Cake 2 (web) Kinder Grad Cake 3 (web) Kinder Grad Cake 4 (web) Kinder Grad Cake 5 (web) Kinder Grad Cake 6 (web)

Choo Choo!!!

This past weekend I made a cake for a little guy turning three!  His party was at a Railway Park for kids so I made a train cake using bright colours to keep it kid like.

The cake was vanilla with a homemade raspberry jam filling.  I used an ice cream cone covered in fondant for the part of the train that lets out steam, and I used copper tubing that I shaped into a #3 that was covered in fondant and mini marshmallows to create the “steam/smoke”.  The rest of the train was cake!

Train Cake 1 (web) Train Cake 2 (web) Train Cake 3 (web) Train Cake 4 (web)

Frozen Princess

I finally had the chance to make a Frozen themed cake.  I was given a rice paper transfer of the Princess Elsa to use and create a cake around.  I had never worked with a transfer before and was told it was supposed to sort of melt onto the cake and be left with just the ink.  It didn’t exactly work out that way and the paper tried to roll up where it wasn’t held down with buttercream which caused a bit of wrinkling in a few spots, but overall the cake came together very nicely.

The cake was a vanilla cake filled with a Bavarian Cream and covered and decorated with vanilla buttercream.

I found some cute Olaf and Snowflake royal icing decorations that I added onto the cake as well.

Elsa Cake 1 (web) Elsa Cake 2 (web) Elsa Cake 3 (web) Elsa Cake 4 (web) Elsa Cake 5 (web) Elsa Cake 6 (web)